About Us

Erad Group, which began operations in Istanbul in 2002 and now operates in four regions of Turkey as well as several other countries around the world as a business partner in authorized automotive dealers and automobile service plazas, has begun its activities for all models and model automobiles that speak to automotive enthusiasts. Tuning, multimedia, VIP vehicle design, rental VIP vehicle, VIP vehicle for sale, handicapped and senior transportation forms are among the accessories and upholstery services we provide for these vehicles.

Our Mission

Our primary aim as ERAD GROUP is to expand our expertise in TUNING, MULTIMEDIA, VIP VEHICLE DESIGN, VIP VEHICLE FOR RENT, VIP VEHICLE FOR SALE, HANDICAPPED and SENIOR PASSENGER TRANSPORT vehicles we accumulated in Turkey, and hence, realize our mission.

Our Vision

With our knowledge, experience, and technology, we aim to be a leading company in Turkey's personalized vehicle accessory solutions.

Our Quality Policy

As ERAD GROUP, our quality policy for Personal Vehicle Accessories Applications and Design services is stated below.
To ensure that legal requirements and vehicle specifications are met,
To provide the highest degree of comfort and convenience to our customers at home and at work, to build moving houses and offices,
To provide competitive, high-quality goods that are in high demand,
To ensure that their business continues to improve and expand at all levels,
To increase our company's customer satisfaction and profitability, boost team spirit and teamwork by maintaining our employees' training level and morale high, and extending efficiency to all activities by aiming for zero error.

Who is Mr. Erkan GÜL?

My story started in 2002 in a small workshop in Istanbul. This workshop was launched to become a major brand. We are currently executing our 19 years of experience with a massive workforce in our 2000 m2 plant. Many famous names from the business world, politics, athletes, and musicians prefer specially designed cars, all of which are manufactured by our expert team. Erad Group exports its special car designs globally, especially in Germany, the USA, Kuwait and Dubai.