Avantgarde Plus

It is designed as an executive vehicle for 6 and 4 people in the rear cabin when required.

Interior - Design

32-inch partition with electrical mechanism, sound and heat insulation manufactured from Europa Model steel construction
Europa Model Interior design, furnishing, upholstery, half-mass application for both right and left sides
Star Ambiance lighting for roof
Interior sound and heat insulation
Napa leather upholstery
Alcantara roof and Italian leather rear upholstery
Anti-bacterial flooring
Rear cabin vanity mirrors
Back seat hangers
Sliding glass curtain

Comfort and Safety

Comfortable reclining rear seats, with 2 + 1 seat belts (with armrest in the middle, bolster support)
Maybach S Class seat control panels
Rear-facing seats, with 2 + 1 seat belts (with armrest in the middle)
2 pieces of heated or cooled seats sensitive to body temperature
Hidden expandable tables with electricity setup
Drawer refrigerator reaching to -18 degree with compressor


32 inch UHD Led TV
Apple TV (ability to watch live TV and VIDEO)
Front Camera recording system
HDMI / USB / AUX socket

Driver Section
Steering wheel with options of wood and leather transformation

Optional accessories
The panoramic glass roof and sunroof
Wooden finish PVC coverings